I'm Lynne Venart, and I'm passionate about using digital strategy and audience research for conservation.

I am the Co-founder and Digital Communications Manager for the Lemur Conservation Network, and I have been working to promote lemur conservation in Madagascar and around the world since 2014.

A project of the Primate Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, the Lemur Conservation Network promotes over 60 organizations working to save lemurs from extinction. In collaboration with Drs. Kim Reuter, Christoph Schwitzer, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, and Steig Johnson, I was integral to launching the network and growing our online presence. 

Currently pursuing a Masters in Conservation Biology in Miami University's Project Dragonfly program, I am studying field methods and conducting conservation research while traveling the world. I have also completed certificates in Behavior Change for Sustainability from the University of California, San Diego and in Project Management for Wildlife Conservation from WildTeam UK

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My first trip to Madagascar in 2012 inspired me to use my professional skills to protect the island's biodiversity. Two years later, I published a literature review on education in Madagascar and launched the Lemur Conservation Network to promote the conservation organizations working to save it.

My Conservation Work

Launching the Lemur Conservation Network

Building a network of 50+ organizations for fundraising, outreach, and collaboration

World Lemur Day and World Lemur Festival

Promoting worldwide participation in the World Lemur Festival since 2015

Design for Conservation

Logos, social media graphics, websites, and print materials for conservation projects

Travel and Writing

Visiting conservation programs and writing about their work for blog and social media