My Conservation Research

I am interested in ways that audience research, design thinking, conservation psychology, and behavior change marketing can help us understand conservation issues and promote conservation action. 

In 2019, I began an M.A. in Biology through the Project Dragonfly Global Field Program at Miami University of Ohio. I have over 15 years of experience in human-computer interaction, audience evaluation, and design thinking, and began applying this experience to environmental conservation in 2014. I believe in the power of the human story, and use writing and digital storytelling to share conservation success stories to inspire and motivate action.

Current Research

I am currently researching the impact of world animal day campaigns, such as World Elephant Day, World Lemur Day, and World Rhino Day. I aim to determine if animal day campaigns cause an increase in online engagement, and what factors influence the level of impact of an animal day campaign. 

Field Research

In July 2019, I participated in a field research course in Baja, Mexico with Project Dragonfly, the Vermillion Sea Institute, and Rancho San Gregorio in the Valle de los Cirios Biological Reserve. We studied field methods while researching desert flora and marine life, and learning about conservation work in the region.

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Published Research

Education in Madagascar: A Guide on the State of the Educational System, Needed Reforms and Strategies for Improvement

Venart, L. C., & Reuter, K. E. (2014). Education in Madagascar: A Guide on the State of the Educational System, Needed Reforms and Strategies for Improvement. University of Mauritius Research Journal, 20, 208-247.

We summarize the findings of a systematic literature review to: (1) describe the size and scope of Madagascar's education system at different levels, (2) identify hurdles that students, teachers, and the education system face, (3) provide recommendations for development interventions/foci at different spatial and funding scales, and (4) identify gaps in knowledge. With aid returning due to Madagascar's 2013 presidential election, this paper serves as a guide on the state of the educational system, needed reforms, and successful strategies for improvement. View on ResearchGate.

Announcing the Lemur Conservation Network: Working Together to Save Lemurs from Extinction

Reuter, K., & Venart, L. (2014). Announcing the Lemur Conservation Network. Primate Conservation, 2014(28), 37-39. View on ResearchGate.