My Conservation Research

I am interested in ways that audience research, design thinking, and conservation psychology can help us understand conservation issues and promote conservation action. 

From 2019 to 2022, I completed an M.A. in Conservation Biology through the Project Dragonfly Global Field Program at Miami University of Ohio. My graduate research focused on ways to connect the international conservation community with local people in biodiversity hotspots, particularly Madagascar. Recent research includes:

  • Conservation content about lemurs on zoo websites
  • Differing perceptions of lemur conservation between Malagasy people and the international conservation community
  • Impact of world animal day campaigns, such as World Lemur Day, on online engagement
  • Impact of museum exhibition design on learning and engagement

Published Research

Perceptions of Lemur Conservation among Malagasy and Non-Malagasy

Venart, L., Andriantsaralaza, S., Rasolozaka, M., Rabevao, E., and Ambinintsoa Rasoanaivo, H. (2023). Perceptions of Lemur Conservation among Malagasy and Non-Malagasy. Primate Conservation, 2023(37).

To understand how Malagasy and non-Malagasy perceive lemur conservation programs, we surveyed 331 people and compared the results of four audience groups: Malagasy conservation professionals, Malagasy not working in conservation, non-Malagasy conservation professionals, and non-Malagasy not working in conservation. We hoped to learn if Malagasy and non-Malagasy agree about lemur conservation priorities, if there are conservation threats and solutions that may be poorly prioritized due to disagreement about their importance, and what topics should be prioritized by conservation education programs. 

Education in Madagascar: A Guide on the State of the Educational System, Needed Reforms and Strategies for Improvement

Venart, L. C., & Reuter, K. E. (2014). Education in Madagascar: A Guide on the State of the Educational System, Needed Reforms and Strategies for Improvement. University of Mauritius Research Journal, 20, 208-247.

We summarize the findings of a systematic literature review to: (1) describe the size and scope of Madagascar's education system at different levels, (2) identify hurdles that students, teachers, and the education system face, (3) provide recommendations for development interventions/foci at different spatial and funding scales, and (4) identify gaps in knowledge. With aid returning due to Madagascar's 2013 presidential election, this paper serves as a guide on the state of the educational system, needed reforms, and successful strategies for improvement. 

Announcing the Lemur Conservation Network: Working Together to Save Lemurs from Extinction

Reuter, K., & Venart, L. (2014). Announcing the Lemur Conservation Network. Primate Conservation, 2014(28), 37-39. 

Field Research

My graduate work included three field programs. 

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