I enjoy giving presentations about user experience research, lemur conservation, digital strategy, and how these all relate. Below is a list of events and speaking engagements.

Conservation Marketing Conference, October 2021
Society for Conservation Biology

"Engaging Online Audiences in Difficult Topics: Applying Lessons from the Holocaust Museum to Conservation Marketing"

Sharing Digitally: Seminar on Digital Tools and Infrastructures, September 2021
Lviv Center for Urban History, Ukraine
"A Digital Resource for Teaching Holocaust History in Ukraine"

Topeka Zoo, Staff Training, September 2021
"How Zoos Help Lemurs"

Cougar Mountain Zoo, Staff Training, July 2021
"How Zoos Help Lemurs"

Dr. Wildlife Twitch Stream, May 2021
"Learn about Lemurs and their Conservation with the Lemur Conservation Network"

Central Washington University Primatology Program, February 2021
"Lemur Conservation with the Lemur Conservation Network"

Virtual World Lemur Festival Events, Lemur Conservation Network, October 2020
"Family-friendly Lemur Trivia"
"Panel Discussion on Lemur Conservation"
"Madagascar Travel Showcase"

Smithsonian National Zoo, Primate Volunteer Training, August 2017
"Lemur Conservation with the Lemur Conservation Network"