User Experience Research & Design

I'm Lynne Venart, and I'm a Senior User Experience Researcher and Designer with a passion for sustainability and conservation.

I have over 20 years of experience in digital design, front end development, and user experience research, working for clients in museums, conservation, publishing, ad agencies, and nonprofits. I earned a Master UX-Certification from the Nielsen/Norman Group, having completed specialties in research, management, and interaction.

Currently, I work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. I conduct user research online and in person, construct information architecture, and design online resources. Recent projects include the Early Warning Project, which provides data and insight about countries that are at risk for state-led mass killing, and the online exhibition for the Americans and the Holocaust exhibit.

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My UX Work

Office of Digital & Design Innovation at Broadcasting Board of Governors

Usability Testing, User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Web Development

Lemur Conservation Network

User Research, Website Design, Copywriting, Volunteer and Contractor Management

Long & Foster Luxury Website

Web Design, User Interface Design, Branding

APA Style Central for the American Psychological Association

User Interface and Interaction Design, Information Architecture, CSS