My Work

Creating an Early Warning Website for Policymakers

Senior User Experience Researcher and Designer, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Project ran from October 2017 to October 2018

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The museum's Center for the Prevention of Genocide (CPG) uses statistical analysis to provide insight for policymakers about countries that are risk of mass atrocities. They had hired an external firm to create a website two years prior, but the site was not effective. It was hard to find their key reports and understand the data. So, while policymakers were interested in the data, they had told CPG that the site was not helpful for them.

Research Goals

  • Understand the issues with the existing website
  • Understand the needs of policymakers
  • Design and test new navigation and web pages

My Responsibilities

  • User interviews and surveys with policymakers and staff at human rights nonprofits 
  • Collaborating with Product Owner to document priorities for new website and scope work
  • Navigation design and testing via click tests, tree tests, and card sorting
  • Creating wireframes and iteratively testing them with users
  • Designing low to high fidelity designs for website
  • Working with developers as they turned the designs into code
  • Communicating findings and work progress with CPG team via findings reports and presentations
  • Managing a contract firm for data visualizations

Wireframes for country page were tested with museum visitors for general functionality and with policymakers to ensure the site meets their needs. 

Sample data sheet for usability testing of country page

Site map documenting new navigation 

Home page of the Early Warning Project website