My Conservation Work

Travel and Writing

In 2017, 2019, and 2023, I traveled throughout Madagascar to see the conservation work of Lemur Conservation Network's (LCN) member organizations first-hand. While traveling, I shared social media posts on LCN's social media channels about the organizations' work and the reserves, national parks, and communities I visited along the way.

I interviewed conservation leaders in Madagascar, photographed their work, and wrote blog posts on LCN's blog about their work. 

Project Goals

  • Inspire travel to Madagascar
  • Encourage support of LCN member organizations' work
  • Inform future blog and social media posts about their work

A sampling of this work is below.

View from Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership's Kianjavato Field Station, which I visited in 2017.

Reforestation nurseries near MBP's Kianjavato Field Station.

On a walk with three villagers. They show me the Sakaviro Forest, a rarely visited patch of forest with ring-tailed lemurs near the more popular Anja Reserve in southern Madagascar.

In 2019, I visited Camp Indri in Anjanharibe-Sud Special Reserve, which was built by the Lemur Conservation Foundation in 2015.