About Me

I'm Lynne Venart, and I'm a UX-certified visual designer with coding chops.

I have over 15 years of design experience, working on- and off-site for clients in publishing, ad agencies, nonprofits, and government.

Currently, I am a Senior User Experience Designer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. To forward the Museum's mission, I conduct user research online and in person, construct information architecture, and design online resources. Recent projects include redesigns of the Museum's Collection Search as well as the Early Warning Project, which provides data and insight about countries that are at risk for state-led mass killing.

I've worked with publishers since 2001, heralding traditional library resources, textbooks, and publications into the digital era. Now 15 years later, the tools have gotten more complex, their capabilities more robust, and the user's experience is more paramount than ever. With each project, I strive to fully grasp its unique use cases and users, so I can recommend the most efficient and simplified design and interactions.

It's always fun working at ad agencies on big projects with amazing teams, and I've worked with some of DC's best, including RP3 and Agency Q.

A passionate do-gooder at heart, I love working with non-profits, and helping organizations of all sizes meet their missions and exceed their goals. Quality design really does make a difference, and every non-profit deserves beautiful communications materials, no matter their budget.

I also volunteer to save my favorite primate, and plant 10,000 trees per year in Madagascar through Eden Reforestation Projects.

Education and Training

Prior to launching my freelance business as The Art Monkey LLC in 2001, I worked for design and web development studios on client work for Nextel, Network Solutions, AltaVista, PBS, Merck, and more. I have a User Experience Design Certification (UXC) from the Nielsen Norman Group, a B.A. in Advertising and Integrative Arts from Penn State University, and a Masters in Non-profit Arts Management from George Mason University.