My Work

Lemur Conservation Network

Co-founder and Web Specialist, 2014-present

Partnering with the Primate Specialists Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, I built the brand, website, and social media for the Lemur Conservation Network from the ground up as a volunteer. The WordPress website unites over 50 organizations working to save lemurs from extinction, and allows potential donors to narrow organizations by type of lemur, type of conservation work and more.

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  • Established a social media presence to engage current lemur fans, recruit new ones, and drive them to the website to learn more and donate. 
  • Designed a logo that is iconic, memorable, fun, and bold. With over 100 species of lemur, the logo icon must read lemur while not representing just one species.
  • Designed a friendly and welcoming website conveying not only a sense of urgency, but a message of hope. A faceted filtering system allows users to narrow down over 50 organizations and find a good match for their donation or volunteer efforts.
  • Gained press in international news outlets including Forbes, Mongabay, TakePart, The Guardian, The Independent, Mother Nature Network, and more.

After the first year of the project, a Director was hired to oversee the global effort to raise awareness for lemur conservation and run the Network's day-to-day activities. I now work closely with the Director and Madagascar Coordinator as a Web Specialist, Creative Strategist, and Digital Editor. 

Steig Johnson, Project Advisor for the Lemur Conservation Network, says,

“I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work on getting LCN launched and maintained so successfully. This is such a valuable resource already, and promises to be central to coordinating conservation efforts in Madagascar for many years to come.”