My Work

Lemur Conservation Network

Co-founder and Digital Communications Manager, 2014-present

Partnering with the Primate Specialists Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, I grew the Lemur Conservation Network from the ground up as a volunteer. The website unites over 60 organizations working to save lemurs from extinction, helps people learn about lemurs, and learn how to help.

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  • Conducting audience research to learn how best to engage animal enthusiasts in lemur conservation, discover barriers and benefits to volunteering and donation, and improve the website, including surveys, user interviews, Google Analytics, and managing user research work by volunteers and contractors. 
  • Holding virtual workshops with staff and volunteers to brainstorm education programs and teach best practices for science communications. 
  • Designing, building, and maintaining English and Malagasy language websites, including design, copywriting, and web development. 
  • Co-creating and distributing a lemur card game and learning activities for communities near national parks in Madagascar.
  • Gaining press in international news outlets including BBC Discover Wildlife, Forbes, Mongabay, TakePart, The Guardian, The Independent, Mother Nature Network, and more.
  • Building partnerships with Mongabay Kids, several podcasts, and artists interested in lemur conservation.
  • Promoting the annual World Lemur Festival and World Lemur Day.

Steig Johnson, Project Advisor for the Lemur Conservation Network, says,

“I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work on getting LCN launched and maintained so successfully. This is such a valuable resource already, and promises to be central to coordinating conservation efforts in Madagascar for many years to come.”

The LCN website features information about over 60 organizations working to save lemurs from extinction; education resources for professionals, zoos, teachers, and parents; and a blog that promotes new scientific research and tourism sites in Madagascar.

We created a card game in both Malagasy and English to help people learn about lemurs while having fun. The game has been distributed to over 40 organizations and schools in Madagascar and 25 zoos in the USA.