My Work

Usability Testing for Kiosks at a Natural History Museum

Freelance User Experience Researcher, Sitara Systems, February 2023 to February 2024

I worked with Sitara Systems to conduct virtual usability testing for 8 new interactive kiosks for a natural history museum in the USA. The kiosks spanned environmental topics including climate change, dispersal of species, biodiversity, archaeology, and more. Usability testing was conducted virtually. 

Research Goals

  • Assess usability of navigation design used across all 8 kiosks
  • Assess user flow and interaction with kiosks 
  • Identify content areas that cause confusion, increased interest, or cause delight 
  • Identify areas for improvement across all 8 kiosks
  • Identify areas which need further testing in person

My Responsibilities

  • Recruited participants to match the museum's core audiences
  • Conducted virtual usability testing with 16 participants for 8 kiosks
  • Created and implemented design survey with 50 participants to assess if design changes improved comprehension for two kiosks 
  • Wrote 4 findings reports to share research results with Sitara Systems and their museum client

Usability testing session via Zoom 

Section of finding report noting participant behavior during testing for one kiosk

Section of finding report noting participant characteristics for one set of user testing sessions